Welcome to Resource for Life

This is the first of 7 websites that explore consciousness and the experience of being alive.

This first website offers a big picture perspective of what the complete network of websites attempts to describe.

Consciousness is the experience of being alive. It shapes the reality we experience. But our reality may not be all that what we think it is.

Consciousness is not well understood in our society. Most of us do not experience the full range of what consciousness has to offer. This project offers a big-picture perspective and highlights what we are missing.

The other six websites each explore a major area of our subject. The network as a whole gives us a comprehensive exploration of consciousness and the human experience. This first website offers an introduction and overview of this larger project.

Here are some questions you might want to have answered.

These brief articles set a context for understanding this project:

Two Systems of Life

There are two major systems for understanding life. One is Science. The other is Spirituality.

Who Am I?

Who — or what — are we? We are human beings. Beyond this, who are we?

Impact of the 1960s

Exploring the full range of our human potential

Self-Actualization or Enlightenment?

The human potential movement branched into two directions.

How Life Begins

In the beginning life is simple. A body is born. With its first breath, consciousness arrives.


The who-am-I question is usually answered by a culture’s religious and cultural beliefs.

These pages contain background information about Resource for Life.

Why this website?

What compelled the author to spend the last ten years developing these websites?

Meet the author

Who created these websites?
Find out what experiences led him to undertake this project.

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