The 3 Most Important Questions in Life:

  1. Who am I?
  2. What is the nature of the world around me?
  3. How must I relate to this world?

How we answer the first question is the key to everything.

Who Am I?
I am consciousness. I am a body.
I am consciousness in a body.
I am a living paradox.
I have form and yet I am formless.
I exist on earth yet I am connected to the cosmos.
I live in two worlds.
One world is outside of me; the other is inside of me.
Human life is a process of balancing
head and heart,
inner and outer,
thinking and feeling.

Two systems of life offer us conflicting answers to these questions:

The first system is Science;

The other is Spirituality.

Each offers us its own template of reality.

Science looks at life from the outside.

Spirituality looks at life from the inside.

It is often said that life is a journey.

In fact it is two journeys.

A horizontal journey leads us toward self-fulfillment.

A vertical journey opens us up for enlightenment.

Which path are we on?

Or are we on any path at all?

This is Resource For Life,

an online reference center that offers unconventional views on our human experience of being alive.

Resource for Life is a network of nine inter-related websites for people who wish to explore the mystery of being consciousness in a body.

Resource for Life is free.

These nine websites help us answer the three most important questions in life.

Question #1:
Who am I?

Circular Journey of Consciousness

Science tells us there is no meaning to life. Our life is a random result of evolution. But what if science is wrong? What if we have come to Earth for a specific purpose? This website helps us imagine how this might be possible.

Paradox at the Core

Who are we? We are consciousness and we are a body. Consciousness and the body are opposites. What is true for consciousness is not true for the body. What is true for the body is not true for consciousness. Life is the process of balancing the tension between these two opposites.


To be conscious in a body is to be alive. But what does it mean to be alive? Are we more alive at some times than at other times? Do we find aliveness or create aliveness? Maybe the purpose of life is to discover the secret of being more alive.

Question #2:
What is the nature of the world around me?

Humanity’s Dilemma

Why is it we can put a man on the Moon but not end world hunger? We create artificial intelligence but cannot find world peace? Is it because we do not care? Or do not know how to do this? Humanity cannot solve its problems with the same consciousness that created those problems.

The Invisible World

We have been taught that reality is the physical world of matter and form. But is that all there is to reality? Every day we experience things that we cannot see or hear. It is time for us to open up to a broader experience of reality.

Question #3:
How must I relate to this world?

MindSet Mastery

If we manage our mindset, we can create the life we want for ourselves.

2 Journeys

There are two different paths we can follow in life. A horizontal path can help us attain self-fulfillment. A vertical path can lead us to enlightenment.

Story of Enlightenment

What is enlightenment? Is it something we can attain? If so, how do we do that? To find out, read the five chapters of this story.

Resource For Life is just getting started.

Only three Websites are currently complete.

The Personal Realm will be completed Winter, 2022. The Circular Journey of Consciousness will be completed by Summer 2022.

And we would like your help. We would like to learn about your experience here at Resource for Life. Did you encounter any problems? Do you have suggestions for improving this site? Is there anything you would like to tell us?

Check back with us from time to time to see how we are doing. You are always welcome to hang out here.

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