Nook in the Library

What is Resource for Life?

We are not trying to sell you anything.

We are not asking you to take out a membership.

We do not even ask you to “like” us on Facebook (we’re not there.)

We don’t have a “tip jar”. The only thing we do here is to provide you with information about enlightenment and the nature of human life here on earth.

What—if anything—you do with all this is up to you.

Think of us as being like part of your local library. In a far corner of this library, on the second floor, is a special place—a nook in the wall actually—where the library staff puts all their resources for one very specific topic.

The topic in this case is enlightenment. Not the western idea that equates enlightenment with rationality and logic. We are speaking of the the eastern idea of enlightenment that goes back thousand of years.

If you have a questions about enlightenment, self-fulfillment, or other forms of personal transformation, or if you want to know more about consciousness, you can visit this nook, pull up a chair, and spend as long as you want reading about these topics.

And if you do not find the answers you seek, join us on the blog and ask your questions.

This is an on-going work that continues to unfold. Unlike books, we can constantly update this site in real time. And we will.

The nook is always here.

That’s us…. The nook in your library with information on human life and enlightenment.

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