Status Report

Last Updated: 12/5/22

We began this project in 2016 with our first website The Story of Enlightenment. Reactions to this site suggested we would need to expand the scope of our project. The story format of the first site did not allow us to expand this site, which left us with the prospect of creating multiple websites. The number of websites has increased as we have broadened the focus and gone into more depth.

We now have 10 websites in various stages of completion. We are aiming for an over-all completion by the Fall of 2023. You can check here to learn the status of any one of these websites. We will update the status of all sites as we make progress.

Here is a status report on each website at Resource for Life:

Section 1: Who Am I?

Section 2: What is the Nature of the World Around Me?

Section III: How must I relate to this world?

Overall Progress

  • Mostly or completely finished: 6
  • Half-way there: 2
  • Little or Nothing Done: 2
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