Evelyn Sullivan

You are a mess!”

I am standing in front of Evelyn Sullivan with nothing on but my skivvies.  Evelyn is probably in her early 70’s and she is clearly not happy with me.

Winona had told me about Evelyn and the unusual energy work that she does.  She also told me not to be late.  Evelyn does not like people to be late, she said, and you do not want to make Evelyn mad.

This was my first visit and, of course, I was late.  I had not counted on the San Mateo bridge being backed up in the middle of the day.  I had given myself just enough time to get to my appointment.  I ended up sitting in traffic for at least 15 minutes. The longer I sat there on the bridge the more anxious I became.  Once off bridge I drove as fast as I could to her office but I was ten minutes late.  And I was a basket case.  

Apparently, it showed. 

 “Well, come on in, Evelyn said, and directed me to lie down on her massage table”. “I have a lot of work to do”.  I had no idea what Evelyn was doing.  She never touched my body.  She was working just inches away from my skin. But I could feel dramatic changes going in inside of me.  

The most intense feeling came when she appeared to be pulling something directly out of the bottom of my feet.  It felt like a rope unspooling and flowing directly out of the soles of my feet.   When I stood up, I was disoriented.  I was dizzy and a little uneasy on my feet. She told me to take it easy for awhile until I had adjusted to the changes she had made.

My sessions with Evelyn Sullivan were my first introduction to energy work.  They were also an introduction to the mystical beliefs of the early twentieth century—the theosophical society and the white brotherhood.  She told me that she was often helped in her work by members of the white brotherhood, who joined her as she worked.  She told me how she often spent her nights travelling to another sphere where people who had died were caught between this life and the next.  She would orient them so that they could move into the sphere where they needed to be.

One session I had with her I started to feel agitation.  My former boss, Jack Brewer, his wife, daughter and grandchild had recently died in a crash of a private plane flown by his daughter.  I had felt great grief when I heard about this; I had been very close to Jack.   Now I felt something was wrong.  I asked Evelyn if she would check in to see if they were all right.  

She said she was willing to do this but, if she did, Jack and I would be tied together for eternity. That was okay with me. I asked her to please do it.  I thought she would do it at another time but, to my surprise, she sat right down in chair next to the message table, closed her eyes and became very quiet for several minutes.  When she opened her eyes, she told me that I had been right; Jack and his family had become disoriented and were wandering around in confusion.  

She said that, as she approached them, Jack had become guarded and stood in front of his family protecting them.  “I said that you had sent me, and he repeated that: “Rich Van Horn sent you?”  I said yes, and then he visibly relaxed. I pointed them in the direction they needed to go and I watched as the four of them, the baby in Jack’s arms, head off towards where they needed to be.”

My time with Evelyn convinced me that understanding the human energy system, and my own system in particular, was very important.  I wanted to understand what she was doing.  And I needed to learn how to do something like this for myself.

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